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Allergy Testing & Treatment

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Free Allergy Screenings

It’s back! We are offering free allergy screenings in our office during the months of March & April 2015.

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Our Services

Balloon Sinuplasty

Gently open blocked sinuses with a balloon in the office or while asleep. An effective and permanent alternative to traditional sinus surgery. more…

Allergy Testing

Grasses • Weeds • Trees
Animal Dander • Molds
Feathers • Dust Mites

Sheridan Face Clinic

Botox • Restylane
Chemical Peels
Laser Rejuvenation
Teeth Whitening

Sublingual Drops

State-of-the-art & convenient, sublingual drops are allergy shots without the shots!

Kids Rule!

Pediatric ENT: Dr. Bateman is great with infants, children and adolescents!

Allergy Treatment

Allergy shots in our office desensitize you over time.
Tried & True!

Ear Problems

Ear infections
Hearing loss
Ear tubes

Facial Skin Care

Professional facial products by PCA skin care
Rejuvenate, tone, hydrate, exfoliate, protect.

Instant Imaging

In-office instant imaging. Get the diagnosis right, get better faster. Immediate images to review with Dr. Bateman. more…

Food Allergy

Sometimes it is something you ate! In-office testing for many common foods.

Sore throats

Mouth Breathing

Nose troubles

Stuffy nose
Runny nose

We Sell Hearing Aids!

In addition to providing full hearing testing services, we offer affordable choices in hearing aids.

Balloon Sinuplasty: a patient's story

No more pain, no more headaches

Raymond Murphy           Balloon Sinu-plasty Patient

My name is Raymond Murphy, and I came to Dr. Bateman because I was having a hard time breathing, using my Bi-PAP machine at night to sleep. I would fight it every single night.

The nose would swell up every night and Dr. Bateman tried me on some different allergy medicines, I started getting allergy shots every week, and it would work for a little bit, but even still every single night I fought the machine until I could finally fall asleep, but then my nights were not very good.

So I went ahead with the balloon sinuplasty. … I was able to breathe the very first day. And it wasn’t even like what it was before; it was better. And I would highly recommend it, because I’m two weeks out, and I have no more pain, no more headaches, and I breathe better than I’ve ever breathed in my life.

Snoring & Sleep Apnea

Don’t let snoring or sleep apnea keep you from a good night’s sleep. Dr. Bateman is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep problems.