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Sublingual Allergy Drops

Allergy Shots, Without the Shots!

Allergy Shots, Without the Shots!
For our allergy patients who don’t respond adequately to allergy medicine, we offer allergy testing and treatment. Allergy shots desensitize a patient to become tolerant of things in the environment that cause their allergies.
An alternative to traditional allergy shots, sublingual allergy drops are similar in that they contain extracts of the very things to which a patient is found to be allergic. Instead of being injected, the extracts are dropped from a vial under the tongue every day, held for two minutes, and then swallowed. This can be done at home, without the need for an office visit for each administration, as with allergy shots, and are much less expensive.
Allergy drops have been used for decades in Europe as an effective way to desensitize patients, and are gaining popularity rapidly in the United States in recent years. Sheridan Ear, Nose & Throat has offered sublingual drops since 2006.

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