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Free Allergy Screenings during March & April

happycoupleCall (307) 675-NOSE to make an appointment for allergy screening. Appointments are limited to space & materials, so call early for availability. The screening process takes 30 - 40 minutes.

Who should be screened?
If you have had problems with a stuffy nose, nasal drip, throat clearing, ear fullness, fatigue, itching, or the need to blow your nose, you owe it to yourself to be screened. Some symptoms of allergy can be more subtle, such as difficulty sleeping, a cough or headache. Allergy screening is a great tool to find out if you are are at risk for allergies and what your allergies might be.

What does the screening consist of?
The screening consists of two portions: a written questionnaire to determine your eligibility and the severity of your symptoms, and a skin test which involves lightly scratching the skin and determining your body’s response to selected allergens. The screening process takes 30 - 40 minutes.

Will the screening hurt?
The screening involves lightly scratching the skin of the forearm with a non-metal device that feels similar to a fingernail. Most subjects tolerate it just fine.

What do we screen for?
The screening process includes allergies to tree, weed & grass pollen, mold, animal dander and dust mite (the major component of house dust).

What is the cost?
There is no charge for eligible subjects to be screened. No proof of insurance is required and no claim will be filed. A limited number of appointment times are available each week.

Will the screening tell me if I have allergies?
The screening can suggest if you are at high risk for allergies and if further evaluation and testing are recommended. While you are being screened for a number of common allergies, you may have other specific allergies that may not be identified by the screening.

Who is eligible to be screened?
1. Age 12 or older
2. Permission of a parent if under age 18
3. Sign consent form/waiver
4. Not taking anti-histamines (ie Allegra, Claritin, Benadryl, Zyrtec) for 7 days prior to testing
5. Not taking beta-blocker medication (ie propanolol, atenolol or other drugs whose name ends with -olol)
6. No diagnosis of asthma, lung disease or heart disease
7. No skin disease or infection (including dermatographia)
8. No current or recent illness
9. No history of anaphylaxis or emergency treatment for allergy
10. Not pregnant or nursing
11. Cleared by our medical staff for skin testing

Click here for a complete list of medications that must not be taken when allergy screening.