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4 Nonsurgical Treatments for a Smoother Complexion

4 Nonsurgical Treatments for a Smoother Complexion

It may not be your first thought to head to an otolaryngologist for medical aesthetics, but Dr. Scott Bateman and the team at Sheridan Ear, Nose & Throat proudly offer a range of cosmetic procedures for their patients, believing that good health and great appearance go hand in hand. 

As facial rejuvenation specialists, Dr. Bateman and his staff recommend four specific nonsurgical treatments that can help to give you a smoother complexion without a lot of recovery time. You can choose individual services or combine the procedures to meet your unique needs. Not sure which to choose? Ask our experts for their recommendations. 


Originally developed to treat muscle spasms around the eyes, Botox treats a type of facial line or wrinkle that other common cosmetic procedures can’t touch. Some expression muscles in your face may become semi-permanently contracted over time. As your skin loses elasticity as you get older, it can sag and reveal the contours of these muscles, on the forehead as well as between and beside your eyes.

Carefully placed injections of Botox relax these muscles, giving you a less stressed or concerned appearance. Dr. Bateman’s knowledge of facial anatomy assures that your Botox procedure is safe and effective. 

Dermal fillers

Another very popular injectable cosmetic treatment, dermal fillers address lines, wrinkles, and smoother complexion in a different way than Botox. Many of your age-related skin changes are passive. Your skin loses volume in its middle layer, and the looser outer layers begin to reveal this tissue loss. Dermal fillers add back lost volume where it’s needed the most.

There are a wide range of filler products, each with its own properties for fill and spread, creating a palette for your aesthetics specialist to match to your face. Sheridan Ear, Nose & Throat uses Restylane® and other top brands. 

Chemical peels

Before the era of injectables, chemical peels already had a long and successful reputation for restoring smooth complexions. Peels work by depth, removing layers of skin. Deeper peels do require time for recovery, and they also provide the most dramatic results. Shallow, mild peels are perfect for a summertime refresh, clearing away dull surface cells while stimulating new skin growth. These light peels may be repeated every two weeks to maintain the benefits to your skin. 

Laser resurfacing

The most dramatic complexion improvements emerge when the middle layer of your skin is treated. Home to collagen and elastin tissue, it’s possible to trigger new tissue production. With chemical peels, though, you’ll need a moderate-to-strong treatment that affects the epidermis as well, requiring significant recovery time.

Lasers, though, work at various strengths, and in some cases they can pass through your outer skin without harming it, triggering new collagen growth in the dermis. The complexion benefits emerge as your body responds to the laser treatment, and there’s no interruption to your daily routine. 

The right treatment depends on both your aesthetic goals and skin condition. Book a consultation with Sheridan Ear, Nose & Throat today to develop a complexion plan that’s right for you. Call or click to request an appointment now. 

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