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How Botox® and Fillers Can Make You Look Younger

How Botox® and Fillers Can Make You Look Younger

Perhaps there was a time in school when you wished you were older, to enjoy the freedom and privileges of those in the senior classes. But when the first lines and wrinkles begin to appear on your face, you might look back on your school desires with envy. 

Today, though, you don’t need to let time have its way with you. Medical aesthetics and cosmetic procedures are more targeted and varied than ever before, providing you with options for keeping your appearance in line with your youthful attitude. 

Minimally invasive injectable treatments provide fast and effective ways to keep the skin of your face relaxed, even, and smooth without the expense and downtime of heavy chemical peels, dermabrasions, or surgery. 

At Sheridan Ear, Nose & Throat, we offer our patients aesthetic procedures with Botox® and dermal fillers from the Restylane® product line. These complementary injectable treatments combine to address many of the signs of aging that our clients wish to banish. Here’s how Botox and fillers can make you look younger. 

A multifaceted approach

The lines on your face don’t all stem from the same issues. As skin ages, it dries and stretches. Mid-layer support erodes, and the outer skin layer, the epidermis, reveals more of what’s happening below the surface. 

Collagen, the protein matrix supporting the epidermis, wears away, leaving pits and fissures. The epidermis collapses into these voids, forming passive lines and wrinkles. 

Frequently used expression lines start to undergo changes too. Instead of fully relaxing after a frown or a smile, some muscles remain partly contracted. Thinning skin more readily reveals this partial contraction, so your frown never fully recedes and your smile doesn’t fully fade. 

These are dynamic wrinkles, folds that originate with expression muscles. Each wrinkle problem needs its own solution. 

Dermal fillers

When it comes to passive wrinkles, you can counter the lack of epidermis support with biocompatible backfilling. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a substance used throughout your body to attract and trap moisture. 

Synthetic versions of HA form the gels used by many dermal filler brands, since skin, support, and hydration make HA fillers an ideal way to add back volume and smooth out passive lines and wrinkles. Restylane filler products use an HA base. 

Botox Cosmetic

When creases start with expression muscles, fillers can’t accomplish much. The name gives it away. They’re designed to fill, a passive role for passive lines. 

Expression lines need a different solution, a nudge to make those semi-contracted muscles relax. Botox was originally developed for precision relaxation of spasming eye muscles. 

The active ingredient in Botox is a powerful neuromodulator that’s highly diluted. This permits pinpoint control. Administered by medical practitioners with a strong understanding of facial anatomy, Botox injections relax worry lines on the forehead, the vertical “elevens” between your eyes, and the crow’s feet lines beside your eyes. 

You retain the ability to form every expression, while your appearance smooths out from complete muscle relaxation. 

Both fillers and Botox can be long-lasting treatments that take years off your face. Find out more about these and our other facial rejuvenation services at Sheridan Ear, Nose & Throat. Book a consultation with our team by phone or through our appointment scheduling link on this page. A younger you is waiting, so plan your visit today.

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