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Ready to Start Your Year with a Fresh Look? Begin with Facial Rejuvenation

Ready to Start Your Year with a Fresh Look? Begin with Facial Rejuvenation

There’s no getting around the processes that take a toll on your skin. Even when you’re blessed with excellent genetics, there comes a time when exposure to the elements and slowing hormone production combine to drain your skin of natural hydration and elasticity. 

You can turn to Sheridan Ear, Nose & Throat for medically supervised facial rejuvenation procedures that target the problem areas showing on your face. Dr. Scott Bateman and his team can assess your skin and recommend the most appropriate techniques to smooth away lines and wrinkles while refreshing and brightening surface skin. Consider these procedures for your own New You of 2023. 

Botox® Cosmetic

Perhaps the most daring and well-loved aesthetic procedure of the past two decades, Botox injections presented a way to treat dynamic wrinkles, lines and folds that result from expression muscles freezing into a semi-permanent state of contraction. 

You’re left with deep, craggy crow’s feet or heavy-duty worry lines, flaws that misrepresent your emotions as well as your chronology. Botox delivers effective neuromodulators to these contracted muscles and forces them to relax. As they relax, your skin smooths, and your face looks younger and more at ease. It’s the reason why Botox leads the way as the most-requested medical aesthetic procedure on the market.

Dermal fillers

Another injectable cosmetic treatment, dermal fillers also improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles, but rather than those caused by underlying muscles, dermal fillers work on deteriorating elements of the skin itself. The collagen matrix in your skin’s middle layer starts to fade in your 30s. As it slowly thins, so does support for the epidermis, your skin’s outer layer. As well as physical support, the epidermis loses hydration. Dry skin is a common symptom of aging appearance. 

Many dermal fillers use a synthetic form of hyaluronic acid, a water binder that’s found extensively throughout your body. Formed into an injectable gel, dermal fillers flow into voids in the collagen matrix or spread over thinning spots to add volume. Since hyaluronic acid attracts and traps moisture, your epidermis gains a refreshing boost. Dermal fillers are an excellent complement to Botox treatments, as they each treat a different type of aging line. 

Chemical peels

Although the collagen content of your skin declines with time, your body remains capable of generating new collagen tissue. This process occurs after a skin injury. Introducing a controlled injury provides you with a smooth and even refreshed collagen matrix. That’s the approach behind moderate and deep chemical peels. You can choose the strength of the procedure. Stronger peels provide more dramatic effects, but also require longer recovery times. Peels also blend well with other rejuvenating techniques to produce the results you’re after. 

Laser resurfacing

Cosmetic lasers provide benefits much like those that chemical peels offer, but they do it in a non-invasive way. Lasers can treat tissue in the middle of your skin, stimulating new collagen growth without damaging the epidermis. Weeks after your treatment, as new collagen forms, you begin to see the refreshed and vibrant appearance associated with an advanced facial treatment. 

The right mix of facial rejuvenation treatments depends on both your skin conditions and your aesthetic goals. Consulting with Dr. Bateman and his team provides you with an individualized approach designed with just you in mind. You can schedule your appointment with a call or click today. 

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